Welcome to our 1st Newsletter!

Plastic Free Champions!

Since opening in August we have been conscious about the types of packaging we use - being kind to the earth is important to us and we are always looking for ways in which we can reduce our plastic use. All of our takeaway packaging is provided by the local company, The Pure Option and is completely biodegradable. This means when you get a takeaway coffee, toast or treat from Bean & Bread you can dispose of your cup/plate and it will be broken down into natural materials without harming the environment. Late last year we were approached by Friends of the Earth who recognised us as plastic free champions! Our certificate takes pride of place on our notice board in the coffee shop and our pledge is to continue to minimise our use of plastic and encourage everyone who visits us to do the same.

How can you help?

1. Ditch the cling film and use tupperware to store your food.

2. Carry a re-usable cup or water bottle for coffee and water refills - free tap water refills are available at the coffee bar.

3. Have a bag for life to hand for your shopping.

4. Choose cardboard packaged items over plastic - cardboard is easier to recycle!

5. Avoid consumer products that contain either polypropylene or polyethylene. These are microplastics that are commonly added to toothpaste and facewash.

Rise & Shine Yoga @ Bean & Bread

Yoga with Lin has been up and running for two months now and we've loved getting into the swing of the flows... Despite the early starts in the dark (we can't wait for summer!), Lin specialises in yin yoga, a slower-paced style, which means you can enjoy a gentle, restorative start to the day. What better way to kick off your Tuesday?